Our Firm

Orion Partners' principal business is the fiduciary management of alternative investments in Asia for some of the world's leading institutional investors, with a focus on real estate and infrastructure debt.

Our Real Estate Group, formed in 2004, has sponsored and managed nine real estate private funds/separate accounts for our clients.  Our geographic concentration has been on North Asian markets including Japan, Korea and Greater China.  Our approach is to place a strong emphasis on value-creation via hands-on investment and asset management.  

The Firm has more than 30 investment professionals, with investment and asset management teams in Japan, Korea and China supported by regional fund, operations and administrations teams in Hong Kong and Singapore. Key members of the team have 15–30 years' relevant experience, with strong operational backgrounds in their areas of specialization, and deep experience working with the challenges that face cross-border private alternatives investors in Asia.

BNP Paribas Capital Partners acquired a 24.9% interest in Orion Partners in January 2016.

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

Orion Partners is committed to maintaining the highest standards of product offerings, investment process, risk management, governance and compliance, and aims to differentiate by its leading standards of investor reporting, liaison and servicing – as confirmed by its repeat institutional clients. In its fiduciary role, Orion Partners believes that the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (“PRI”) will align its Funds under management, investor clients and employees with the broader objectives of society – and hereby commits to apply those principles to its Funds and their investments consistent with Orion Partners’ ESG Policy.  

One of the examples is Ostara Korea Separate Account (“OKSA”), one of the Funds managed by Orion Partners.  In line with Orion Partners’ ESG Policy, OKSA has its Fund-specific ESG objectives and policy which were fully integrated into the overall business strategies of Orion Partners as well as OKSA. OKSA’s sustainability objective is to aim at making a positive contribution to important sustainability issues within the Fund’s risk-return targets from the time of acquisition to the exit of the Fund’s assets. OKSA ESG Policy highlights that responsible investment and ESG issues are material to the management of the Fund’s investments, and require throughout the life of such investments:

  1.  the implementation within proper ESG policy frameworks;

  2. active management of associated ESG risks;

  3. effective mechanisms to monitor and report existing and emerging ESG issues; and

  4. a rigorous in‑place governance system.

 Orion Partners is committed to setting a long-term reduction targets in accordance to ESG policies on broad areas covering energy consumptions, GHG emissions, water consumption and waste diversion from landfill, which corresponds to the Environmental aspect of ESG policy.  Similarly, OKSA has set an aspirational target of reducing energy consumption by at least 25% across its portfolio.  As of year 2018, the Fund portfolio holds the following long-term reduction targets into various sectors:

  • Energy consumptions: 25%;

  • GHG emissions: 25%;

  • Water consumption: 15%;

  • Waste diverted from landfill: 10%

    OKSA’s 3 standing investments are planning to obtain their LEED certificates, targeting by 2019. 

 Orion Partners is also committed to the governance and social risk assessment for its Funds under management, including but not limited to:

  • Diversity and equal opportunity; nothing to report;

  • Forced or compulsory labour; nothing to report;

  • Bribery and corruption; nothing to report;

  • Child labour; there is no child labour engaged to the Partnership;

  • Worker rights; nothing to report on human right and labour issues related to the Partnership;

  • Labour-management relationships; nothing to report, on fair employment terms and working conditions related to the Partnership;

  • Executive compensation; nothing to report;

  • Shareholder rights: nothing to report on the interests and rights of shareholders and all legitimate stakeholders related to the Partnership. 

In 2016, Orion Partners was awarded ”best new private fund in Asia” by ANREV and PricewaterhouseCoopers for its fund under management’s reporting standard and transparency. In 2017, a fund managed by Orion Partners ranked 2nd in Asia, and was nominated as a GRESB “Green Star” fund.


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